In addition to original works, I try my best to only use linkware/freeware or public domain works. If you are the owner of an asset here and found I have misused your work, please email me at asbestosmammal @ with "Neocities" or "Clamverse" in the subject and I will address it ASAP.

sources, materials, sozai

Across+ - Lace border, backgrounds, navigation bullets, bannerless links, dream journal button, favicon, and possibly other simple gothic lolita deco

Engram Pixel - Source of Kuromi emotes and other tiny pixels that can no longer be obtained from the original source.

Peachie's Collection - Where I get most of my SayClub, Daum, Edupia, and other pixel dollz that are hard to access for non-Korean speakers

WHiMSiCAL! - Some fonts (below) and pixels I used for Rocky's Shrine

GifCities - Search Engine for .gif files on archived Geocities websites, from The Internet Archive. Often one of the only sources of y2k graphics after the closure of Geocities.

Glitter-Graphics - Social site and public gallery since 2005. Lots of original, archived from dead sites, and otherwise difficult to find website materials.

Win98 Icon Viewer - Gallery/deposit of Windows 98 Icons, by Alex Maub


W3Schools - 90% of my website coding questions answered here.


UnifrakturMaguntia - By J. 'Mach' Wust on Google Fonts

Crimson Text - By Sebastian Kosch on Google Fonts

Pop Boutique - By Jo at WHiMSiCAL!

Chocolatier - By Jo at WHiMSiCAL!

Windows - By Levi Svekeras, based on old Windows font, on DaFont

Thank you to Atreiya, my love, for your patience and support.
Thank you to Rocky, my baby, for life of companionship.

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