tumblr fight 21st of evening star, 2018

It's Christmas. I'm at my (dead) grandmother's house fixing my plate. My father is particularly proud of the bacon. My phone vibrates. I assume it's a Christmas text from a friend, so I check to reply really fast.

It's a message on Tumblr from a former friend I had a fight with. The message is angry. I remember the end part where they tells me to not talk bad about me to people from our former town. I am stopped dead in my tracks and quietly reply, refusing to tell anyone what it is. I tell them the only person I have told them about simply asked if we were still friends and I said no because we had gotten into a fight. When I send the message, it publishes to their blog in the format of an ask. Our argument is now public, and their blog has thousands of followers.

We go back and forth for a while, while they bombard me with bitter observations and accusations. Some of them are true and I agree and tell them I will not argue facts. Some are false and I refute them. They ignore my protests and just bring up new points each time.

At one point, they tell me about how they have grown and evolved and have many names and no gender. I had been using their former name and pronouns up until that point but I immediately apologize and switch. They then accuse me of transphobia because of a drawing they say is of a tr*p (it was something I drew IRL of a feminine gay furry, for a client). I tell them they are mistaken. They then tell me they found a blocked post (as of Dec 17th, 2018, all NSFW was blocked on Tumblr, which was done automatically and caused many false flags) and they assume it is child p**n. Before I can defend myself, they block me so I cannot message them but I can still see their blog.

Their blog is flooded with answered asks, some agreeing with me and telling them that I am disgusting and stupid and that they are glad they cut me off, some saying they are being rude and unfair to me. Some outright attack them with hate and slurs. The way they answer makes them seem very unstable. My inbox is filled with similar asks, but I delete them all and just make a post, asking everyone to please leave both of us alone. I look up from my phone, and realize I have been on it arguing with them for 2 days.