oh, worm? 10th of rain's hand, 2019

content warning:

It is the early evening. I am in a silver Chevy Silverado with a friend. He drives me to a CVS parking lot. I get out of the truck, check the bed, and grab a tied up Walmart sack. My friend comes out of the truck and asks me what I'm doing. At the same time, we see another person searching around with a red worm on a string. I tell my friend I am doing the same thing that other person is doing. I open the bag and inside are several worms in different colors with mouse noses. I pull out a teal one, whose string has fallen off. I tie the string around the nose to reattach it and put the worm in the tailpipe of a brown sedan. We get back in the truck and leave.

We drive to a neighborhood and turn into a cul-de-sac. Another pickup truck is behind us and starts aggressively tailgating us. We drive up to the end of the road to turn around and get to the house we are heading to, and the truck stays on us, flashing his brights and honking. We stop in front of the house and he continues. My friend suddenly guns it to the end of the street and stops for a moment. When the other truck follows, he puts the truck in reverse and quickly backs up. I start crying and say he's going to get us killed. Just before we collide, he clicks his garage door opener and the other truck stops. My friend says the other truck is now trapped. I sigh with relief and ask if we can go back to the CVS to get more worms. He reluctantly agrees.