Under sun and sky, outlander, we greet you warmly...

Welcome to my site dedicated to my No Commentary Morrowind GOTY Playthrough on Youtube! This is my first game I have captured my gameplay on, but I have been playing Morrowind pretty much since it came out! It is definitely one of my hyperfixations! Here, on this page, you will find my mods list, personal anecdotes, and artwork relating to my playthrough! Thank you very much for your interest in my videos and for taking the time to view this site!

My videos are not monetized. I allow the use of my content under the Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0, which means I allow free commercial and non-commercial use of my footage as long as I am credited/attributed!


Howdy! Clamo here! Like I've said, I've been playing Morrowind for quite some time now (I was born in '94 and I've basically been playing the game since it came out), and I've probably logged an ungodly number of hours into it. I'm not the BEST player or the MOST knowledgable, but I do think I know a thing or two! That being said, I'd love to answer any questions someone might have, new or veteran to the game.

As a passionate socialist and activist, I of course have my critiques of the game, mild and scathing, but I didn't make this page or these videos to debate about any problematic content. I also have a lot of random headcannons and personal fan-theories and whatnot. A very obvious example? I like to give Redguards and Bretons slightly pointed ears, althought not as much as Mer!

I'm trying to dial back on the quickloading and JUMPING (hghhnnghh must get acrobatics to 100 asap....) but I can't promise there won't be some. I'm also taking it pretty easy, trying to do a lot of exploring, so be prepared to see me get side-tracked pretty much from the get-go. I'll be pretending to not know things I actually have memorized like the back of my hand for the sake of roleplaying and because I think it makes it more entertaining, so hopefully you can't tell the difference of when I'm distracted/stoned and when I'm just playing in character...hehe...

These videos, by the way, were made first and foremost for myself. I love watching no commentary gameplay while I'm busy coding or drawing or cleaning or napping...etc...but there aren't a lot of no commentary sets of Morrowind on Youtube that I have found. Also...(this feels SO rude I'm SORRY)...a lot of those play throughs are by kind of inexperienced players...and I sometimes get frustrated watching people make mistakes that are, to me, too obvious to make... sorry y'all... So, what I'm trying to say is, at the end of the day, I'm just doing this for me, to have fun! So tough titties if you hate it! Nyeehhh!!!


Our adventure stars Vhox, a Redguard Battlemage born under the sign of the Atronach. She is named and physically modelled after my first playthrough in which I completed the main story as a kid, but back then she was purely Strength-based and born under the Lady. While I am not shy to Magic-Strength classes, this is my first time actually using the Atronach sign, which has been a fun challenge.

Vhox is a young and inexperienced adventurer--perhaps a little more naive than she realizes--and is determined to prove her cunning and strength. She decides to join the Mages Guild, assuming it is a collection of noble scholars, but she is shocked to learn of their shady and backhanded ways. She persists, in spite of her reservations, intent on following through on her goals, but soon turns her eyes to the Tribunal temple. A casual follower of Kynareth, she is not particularly interested in the religious aspect, but, rather, is fascinated with the children's tales of Lord Vivec, the Warrior-Poet turned Living God. In turn, she again will realize how dishonesty seems to be the key to success on this harsh, unforgiving continent. Perhaps her rigid ideas of morality are not grounded in reality... She wonders if she should let go of her convictions and follow the unspoken laws of the land. Besides, the ends justify the means...right?


So, while I think mods are super cool and I appreciate the modding community, I decided to keep this playthrough as close-to-vanilla as possible. I chose the conservative patch set in the Patch for Purists, which is mostly bug-fixing, as well as book corrections. This is where the ownership markers come from (I really like that feature Oblivion and onward) and the streamlining of the Persuasion options, which makes taunting and stuff less frustrating. I prefer the look of the non-segmented bodies of the BB mod, and chose the PG-13 version since I am capturing and posting. More Detailed Places is a new one for me, and I like how it fills the world out a little bit. The Dark Brotherhood attack mod is a bit more lore-friendly than vanilla. When I play beast races, I often will install Adul's legging mod, which I do recommend, as it is lore-friendly and makes playing as Khajiit and Argonians much easier. To keep lead times down, I don't install mods I'm not using, so I don't have it on THIS run!


Thank you very much to RinmaruGames and VeggieStudio for the cleric maker I used to make the cute avatar of Vhox! (Of how she looks in my head LOL)

Thank you to the makers of the mods I am using! They are linked in the mods list!

Thank you to the makers of the gifs I am using on this page, which are all from the game!

Thank you so much to Neocities for keeping personal websites alive and making this page possible!

Finally and most importantly, thank you very much to the Bethesda team for making and continuing to support Morrowind over the years. I know times were tough when this game was developed, but you guys really pulled through and made a great piece of art that has stood the test of time!