june 19, 2019

dallas cowboys

content warning: unsanitary, sexual assault

My partner (at the time) and I are going to a Dallas Cowboys football game in an indoor arena that is part of a shopping mall. We have to park his car remotely and take a shuttle to the mall. At the mall, we rent horses, which are donkey-sized because of nuclear fallout. My horse's name is Butterscotch. We ride the horses to a ferry, which takes us to the arena. Our tickets are for section A3, seats 9 and 10, which is in the top, furthest area. A woman near us has bet on the Cowboys being ahead after the first quarter. She wins and receives $40 in 1s and 5s, and passes all but one 5 to the people around her. We receive a 1. If the Cowboys win, we will receive $50, but if they lose, we lose the 1.

As the game progresses, I need to use the restroom. I go and come back to my seat, and guy nearby has taken a strong interest in me. While we are all chatting, the game suddenly stopped and it is announced that section A3 needs to come step aside because someone from the section has peed on the floor of the bathroom. My partner becomes extremely agitated as we walk to the designated area. I try to calm him down but he gets even angrier and leaves, telling me I can find a ride home. Shocked by his outburst, I don't follow him.

After the culprit is identified, we all return to our seats to watch the last part of the game. The Cowboys are now losing by 5 points. I chat more with the guy from before and he moves into my partner's seat to talk to me better. He gets a little flirty but I think nothing of it and just let him talk like that. After the game ends, the field is converted immediately to an Urban Decay store. I go down to look at lipstick and the guy follows me. He asks me if I really broke up with my partner and I tell him yes. He gets really close, enough to breathe down my neck, and tells me he wants to fuck me. I get a little nervous and tell him he seems really nice but I'm not interested right now. He asks me what I am interested in, and I tell him nothing because I just had a breakup and I need to process it. I leave the arena and he follows me out into the mall, continuing to insist on having sex with me. I get increasingly frustrated and he gets increasingly close, and at one point pushes his erection against my back. I scream and run, trying to find a help desk to call the police because I have no way home. I find the help desk and they call the cops for me, and try to hide. He finds me and tries at first to throw himself on me, but after I shove him away he gets violent and tries to hit me and the help desk attendant. I spend 2 hours running and trying to hide and defend myself and the cops never show. I see someone has dropped a knife and I grab it, and the cops show up almost immediately to arrest me for stealing the knife. I scream about how I tried hours ago to get their help, and they said that they wouldn't help me because the guy never got his phallus inside me so it was not assault. I go berserk and shove the cop and run out into the dark parking lot to find the horse, Butterscotch. She gets up, vomits, and allows me to ride her away from the mall.

june 22, 2019


My partner (at the time) and I drive each of our cars to Buc-ee's. We both fill our cars up with fuel and I order a salad and nacho fries from the pump. I wait about 15 minutes and a worker comes out to me with a plate of rice and fried chicken. I ask where my salad is and she says that is the closest thing she has because Buc-ee's doesn't sell salad. I tell her that's ok and ask where my fries are. She says she doesn't know, but if I ordered fries they should get here soon. I wait about 30 more minutes and then go to the outdoor help desk. My partner meets me over there. There is a family ahead of us, so we have to wait. After 10 minutes I get irate and mutter that I just want a refund.

We finally get to the desk and I explain that I've been waiting too long and just want a refund. The woman at the help desk asks what pump my car is at. I tell her it's number 15. She says to me that it will be $20. I tell her that doesn't make sense, since I already paid $25 at the pump for the fuel and food, and that I want my money back for the food. She tells me I have an outstanding balance on my account. I respond that's ridiculous and ask if my partner has an outstanding balance. She says he owes about $200. I am shocked and ask how that's possible. She tells me he paid using a credit card. I ask my partner if this is true, because we had agreed not to use our credit cards at the gas station. He pulls out his card, which has an address written on it, and asks if it's the right address of the Buc-ee's. The woman says the address doesn't matter, and that he owes because it has his name on the card. In shock, I tell them I need a minute and stumble away, through a door to a different outside, and scream at the top of my lungs. I then go back to my car and throw my backpack in, but the passenger door was open so it flies out the other side and a red SUV hits it. I grab my backpack, punch the SUV, and get set up in my car. I decide I will stay at a friend's house for a couple days. While lost in thought, I accidentally run a red light, but I manage to not get hit.