june 24, 2019


I am cutting up carrots for a salad. I decide to taste one. It is spicy like a serrano pepper.

june 26, 2019

fire trucks

content warning: vomit

I am coming home from work and see fire trucks at my apartment complex. I am more annoyed than scared or worried. I go to the office and ask the leasing agent which building is on fire. She says she isn't sure and that she only found out there was a fire when the trucks arrived. I drive to my building and see it is fine. I check my balcony, which is cluttered and has an old empty Taco Bell on it. Two neighbors down and diagonal from me are using a jack hammer to tear up their balcony. I ask them if their hammering is what caused the fire, and they tell me it was caused by a neighbor upstairs from both of us. The neighbor not holding the jack hammer vomits concrete into the hole the other just made. It is a dusty pastel pink.