july 19, 2019

college reminiscing

I am on break with coworkers in a break room that also functions as a utility room with a washer and dryer and a water heater in it. We are discussing what college used to be like. I tell them I was a hoarder in college and had to carry 3 full, heavy backpacks with me wherever I went. My coworkers laugh nervously.

july 28, 2019

fat cats and rats

I am hearing strange noises in my kitchen. One of my cats is staring at the cabinet under the kitchen sink, so I open it. Out runs a huge rat the size of a cat. My roommate catches it and throws it outside our front door. I'm still hearing noises, so I open the cabinet to look inside and see 3 baby rats that look like mice. I let the cats eat the babies. I look outside and see the rat is pawing at the door. I try to open the door to shoo it away but it runs into the apartment and tries to hide, so my roommate has to catch it again. This time, when he throws it out, one of the other cats gets out and bolts after him. I decide to stay inside and look for the male rat that impregnated the one we found, which I know is female. While I am looking, I look outside and see half a dozen neighbor cats, all of them very fat. I remark to myself that it must be because there's so many rats, and that they are gorging themselves on them. My roommate gets back with the cat and I ask him to throw out the trash while I go take a shower. When I come back, I see he has taken out all the rotten fruits and vegetables and has set them on my plushies on a paper towel. I quickly throw the food back in the trash, but I am not fast enough, and some rotten zucchini juice has dripped onto my giant unicorn plushie. I do my best to clean it off.