december 23, 2018


I'm riding in the car with my partner (at the time) to the grocery store, which is in the mall. He parks by a lot of shopping carts in the parking lot. I object, but he says he's going to gather them up and take them back to the store. I ask if he needs me to come in with him. He says I don't need to. I make a playlist of vaporware and lo-fi hip hop remixes of Gorillaz music.

december 25, 2018


content warning: sexual assault

I am in Vietnam with my family. My sister takes me to a nice restaurant, but sits with a group of people I do not know and tells me to sit elsewhere. I sit by myself at a table, and a server with a huge grin comes to me. I order some frozen blended drink. He asks me if I want it with or without bees. I say with bees. The pink drink is very good and tart, and it is thick with tiny bees. It is weird to chew them and I wish there were less, but it is still a good addition. A greasy man sits down and tries to talk to me, but I am uninterested and leave. I try to find my server to pay for my drink but I cannot find him. I ask the host if I can pay and he says I must find my server. I do eventually find him and pay with a card, avoiding eye contact because he is so overly friendly with me.

I return to where my family is staying, which is a large penthouse with floor to ceiling glass walls. It smells strange out and there is a brown cloud in the distance. My half brother stares out and sees a giant Shadow the Hedgehog is forming out of the cloud. Sonic the Hedgehog appears as well and they begin to fight, heading our way. My brother is excited and tries to run outside to get a better look, but my dad yells to grab him and take cover. I do just before Sonic gets a hit on Shadow, who comes careening through the glass wall and out the glass wall perpendicular to it. Everyone is safe. I ask my dad if our insurance will cover the glass. He says no, but that he has bigger problems to deal with.

My dad tells me someone is buying all the bath salts he has been selling as a living and reselling them higher, and is now demanding he lowers his prices. The reseller has convinced everyone that he is a supplier and that only authorized dealers can purchase from him, so no one else will buy from him. I go to confront the woman and tell her to stop, but she pushes me aside and tells me I'm pathetic. I see my sister and ask what she is going to do about it. She laughs and tells me she is siding with the woman, and says that's just business. I leave in a huff.

My dad says he will settle this with the woman at a restaurant. I go to make reservations at the nice one from before, but the server from before is there too and he looks too happy to see me, so I ask my dad if we can go to a different restaurant. He says if I want I can miss the meal. I decide that this would be best and go back to our place to be alone. When I get inside and take my shirt off, the greasy man from the restaurant jumps out of nowhere and tries to grab me. I grab him and hold him from behind, and he remarks that his head is between my breasts. He begins to undress in spite of being in my hold, and gets all the way down to his underwear, making crass comments the entire time. I''m angry and scared, and he starts to remove his underwear. [I wake abruptly.]