january 23, 2019

moving out

My partner (at the time) and I are in the middle of moving out of our apartment. My dad parks his RV in our backyard. Our neighbor starts yelling at my dad, saying he shouldn't associate with us. I start screaming profanities at him from the stairs. He comes into the apartment and grabs my arm and punches me in my left eye. I grab him and throw him down the stairs and drag him outside, repeatedly slamming his head against the sidewalk. I then choke him for a bit until his face starts to turn red. I let him go and he runs back to his apartment. I finish clearing out the downstairs and go upstairs and find him nude, with his wife in lingerie. They proposition me for a threesome. I decline and call 911. They jump out the window.

january 24, 2019

fursuit quote

My partner (at the time) and I are at a fair, convention, or expo in a town with a large lake to the said and a wide river separating it. We have the hide of a fox twice the size of a regular fox, carefully cut into 4 pieces. We cannot decide whether to take it to the taxidermist, the fursuit maker, or the plushie maker. We finally settle on the taxidermist which is in the middle of a large video game stand. My partner is worried we won't have the stuffed fox back in time for when we need to deliver it to someone as a gift, but I tell him it will be ok if it is late. He insists we visit the fursuit maker anyway to see their queue. We have to rent a boat to make it to the other side of the river and find the fursuit maker’s booth type room where they have just finished a presentation. I present a poster that has the reference sheet of my partner's fursona, which is a pastel themed curvy deer girl. I ask the maker if they can make the breasts and hips for the suit that my partner doesn’t have. They say that they can and quotes us $100, and says the quote will be valid for a month. My partner says he will have to think about it.