march 30, 2019

late to work

It is Saturday morning. I am riding in the car with my partner (at the time) driving. I am wearing a black and white crop top and striped harem pants. We arrive at a Santa Fe style house. It is my mother's house. She tells us to come inside, where she runs a Tex Mex restaurant. My partner remarks that we are going to a hockey game but we are skipping the opening ceremony. I check my watch and see that it is 12:45pm. I panic and realize I was supposed to be at work at 8am that morning. I call my boss and apologize and ask her if I am fired. She says she needs to check my demerits to see if I am and to call the Employee Resource Center. I call the ERC and ask them if they know if I am fired. They tell me they can't tell and that I need to call my boss. When I tell them I already called her and she told me to call them, the phone operater abruptly hangs up on me. I tell my partner I should go to work anyway, but that I can't go with this outfit on, especially without a bra. He asks me what I think we should do. I tell him to take me to Target so I can buy an outfit. He sighs and says that's ok, and we bid my mother farewell.

march 31, 2019

new apartment

content warning: murder

I have just moved into a new apartment with my partner (at the time) and friend I've had since childhood. We have 4 cats (Siamese, Turkish Van, and 2 Tabbies) and 2 dogs (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Rottweiler puppy). My friend is at work and partner has gone out to get something. I realize my partner should be home by now so I open the front fdoor and wait outside. After a couple minutes, my partner gets home and both the dogs run off. We catch the Rottweiler puppy but the Spaniel has gotten far. I say to let her go because we both hate her and think, because she is a valuable breed, someone will find her and take her in. My partner agrees and we let her go. Our downstairs neighbors, a large balding man and a woman with a blonde graduated bob, come outside to their patio. The woman says she knows we have 3 pets when we are supposed to have 2. I ask her if she is going to narc, and she says she won't. I remember that they smoke weed, so I decide I will rat them out if they rat me out. Back inside, one of the tabbies (who belongs to my friend) is on a dresser, trying to hide behind a vase and hissing at everyone. I try to pet her and I see that she is losing hair. I think it is because she is not used to the other cats, and I text my friend telling her she should move out or her cat might die. My friend agrees and says she will move out next week.

My partner and I decide to go out to the garage we are renting at out apartment complex. We open the garage door where his car is parked, and we see that there is enough room to park my car in there. We walk a ways away to get to my car and walk it back like a bike. While we are moving it, the sky gets dark and it starts raining. Back at the garage there are police, paramedics, and onlookers everywhere. We push past to see what is happening and find there is a man, dead, next to the driver's side of my partner's car. I scream and ask what happened. A cop tells me he can't give me details until they perform their investigation, but that the man was definitely stabbed once and bled to death. I ask if it was self inflicted and he said it was unlikely because it was in the back of the head. My partner and I decide we need to get away for a while, so he leaves to visit his parents and I go to a sleepover party at a mansion that looks like a barn.

At the sleepover party, we are all wearing onesie pajamas. Everyone but myself and two girls have gone to bed, and they have me huddle in. They ask if I am cool and I say yes. They tell me to prove it by being bad. I agree to be bad and leave them to cause chaos. I break bottles, flip over Hello Kitty merch which is carefully displayed throughout the mansion, and destroy a lot of food. I take a cigarette, take a deep inhale, and exhale into boxes of food and toys and seal up the boxes. I am worried something will catch fire so I open a box to check. It is full of Hello Kitty toys and I feel bad and start crying. I say that I don't want to be bad anymore and try to fix everything. The two girls tell me I'm not cool anymore and kick me out.