Beloved Rocky

In Memoriam
1999 - 2021

"Night dropped her sable curtain down and pinned it with a star." - McDonald Clarke

Welcome to the virtual shrine I have built to honor the life and legacy of my late cat Rocky. As I fill out this page you will be able to view photos of him, read stories about him, and celebrate his life with me. Some of the content might be triggering, including some small details about his death and mentions of my own struggling mental health.

1 August 2022
Made the page a bit cuter so it's a bit more fun to look at~ uwu

26 July 2022
First version of this page has been put together. It has been hard to do this because of how emotional I get when I work on this (I resized for web as many photos as I could handle before I was crying too much to see. TT_TT) but I was determined, for my own sake, to get something out there after all this time. I know there isn't much info right now, but please enjoy these few pictures of my sweet boy as you pass by, and consider lighting a candle in his honor if you feel so inclined. Thank you for stopping by this page~ <3

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Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge...