Hatsune Miku is a virtual idol!! Specifically, she is a vocal bank of different sounds, used to make her sound like a real girl singing! People who make music with Miku's voice are usually credited as producers, and should always be created as the song writer, not Miku!

Even tho Miku is often depicted in an "anime" style, she is not considered an anime or manga character. That being said, many people have written mangas about her and other "Vocaloids"!! She is dating Crunchyroll-hime!

I first learned about Miku through my sister. She had a Project Diva game on her PS Vita (in Japanese, of course....so thank goodness she knows a lot of Japanese!!) The first song she showed me was PoPiPo! and it remains one of my favorites to this day! When I moved out of my family's house, I got Project Diva F 2ND on PS Vita, and I have been obsessed with her together since!

I attended the first Miku Expo North America Tour at the Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX, dressed loosely Miku's module from Matryoshka. I also wore the Matryoshka oufit, in full, at A-Kon 27 in Dallas, TX! (I can't find any old pics with my friend who wore Gumi, so I guess I will have to do the costume again some time!!)

Miku wouldn't be able to be such an icon without her producers!! Right now, my favorite Miku (and general Vocaloid) producers are.... Utsu-P, Mitchie M, Giga-P, kz Livetune, Dixie Flatline, emon(Tes.), Crusher P, wowaka, deino333, doriko, ATOLS, and Kikuo!!

Coming soon: Pictures of my Miku collections!

DISCLAIMER!! I also love Megurine Luka, Kagamine Len & Rin, Meiko, Megpoid GUMI, and IA.... but Miku is just my FAVORITE!! uwu