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11 December 2018

I created my parent neocities site, CL4M0, to recapture the freedom I had with my first web host in 2006.

18 June 2019 is created and I immediately began working on it with the intent of having a more personal space.

20 December 2019

I released the first version of CLAMVERSE!

28 November 2020

I honed down the aesthetics of my homepage which at this time of which I only have a bit of a broken iPad screenshot at this time. [img]

21 July 2022

After redoing my main and pixel dollz sites which had been on a temporary layout for 2 years, and surviving a difficult period, I temporarily took most of my site down to take time and rethink what I wanted from this website. [img]

26 July 2022

I added Rocky's Shrine. His loss has been hard on me.

8 August 2022

CLAMVERSE is resurrected! This site is still a constant work in progress~

previous update posts

08 AUG '22 - I'm so excited to re-release CLAMVERSE! I don't have a ton up, but it is still waaaaay more than what was on my old page, and I hope you enjoy this work-in-progress! Thanks for visiting!

1 aug 2022 - [Rocky's Shrine] - Made the page a bit cuter so it's a bit more fun to look at~

28 jul 2022 - [Rocky's Shrine] - First version of this page has been put together. It has been hard to do this because of how emotional I get when I work on this (I resized for web as many photos as I could handle before I was crying too much to see. TT_TT) but I was determined, for my own sake, to get something out there after all this time. I know there isn't much info right now, but please enjoy these few pictures of my sweet boy as you pass by, and consider lighting a candle in his honor if you feel so inclined. Thank you for stopping by this page~ <3

21 jul 2022 - I've been through a lot since I released the latest version of clamverse and at this point I have realized that some of the content is so outdated that it makes me dysphoric so I have opted to temporarily put most of the site down while I rework it from scratch.

6 dec 2020 - new dream posted in my journal! it has been a very long time since I logged dreams, so it was nice to finally remember one AND remember to log it again!

28 nov 2020 - I have been working on a dramatic overhaul of my main page, and it is exciting to show it off! Obviously there's still a lot of work to be done, but I think it works better than my first version~ I hope you love it!

27 nov 2020 - wow 2020 has been a year, huh.... anyway, got some pages up! some are WIP, some are kinda ready... click on the dolls below to see them!!

20 dec 2019 page debut!! still a mess but stick around and let's grow together~

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