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24th of Frost Fall, 2023

My last layout really didn't inspire me to work on my website, so I created this cool-toned dreamy version, officially a 2.0. I'm kind of hitting my Kuromi/Dragon/Angel arc right now, I guess. This layout is more workable for me, and I hope I will find myself more active here.

8th of Last Seed, 2022

CLAMVERSE is resurrected! This site is still a constant work in progress~ [img] [img]

26th of Sun's Height, 2022

I added Rocky's Shrine. His loss has been hard on me.

21st of Sun's Height, 2022

After redoing my main and pixel dollz sites which had been on a temporary layout for 2 years, and surviving a difficult period (especially the death of my cat Rocky), I temporarily took most of my site down to take time and rethink what I wanted from this website. [img]

28th of Sun's Dusk, 2020

I honed down the aesthetics of my homepage which at this time of which I only have a bit of a broken iPad screenshot at this time. [img]

20th of Evening Star, 2019

I released the first version of CLAMVERSE! [img]

18th of Mid Year, 2019 is created and I immediately began working on it with the intent of having a more personal space.

11th of Evening Star, 2018

I created my parent neocities site, CL4M0, to recapture the freedom I had with my first web host in 2006.

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